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Commercial cleaning is one of the main drivers of business at Sparkling Touch Louisiana- Cleaning Service. Companies and institutions all over the New Orleans, LA, region can attest to the dependable and thorough services that they receive.

Few commercial cleaning companies have such a lengthy track record and such deep roots in the community that they serve. The following locales have benefited from the dependable commercial cleaning and janitorial services provided by Sparkling Touch Louisiana- Cleaning Service:

• Office Buildings and Suites—A regular commercial cleaning routine creates a healthy work environment and presents a professional face.

• Schools and Daycare Facilities—Professional cleaners are a must for a sanitary, safe, nurturing learning environment.

• Gyms and Recreational Facilities—The courts, equipment, and locker rooms at these locations present unique cleaning challenges that only a commercial cleaning service can handle.

• Health Care Facilities and Medical Offices—When sanitary conditions are absolutely critical to the operation of a facility, it is important to higher only the most dependable professional cleaners.

• Shopping Centers—Sparkling Touch Louisiana- Cleaning Service is equipped to handle big jobs with a minimum of disruption to daily operations.

• Banks and Credit Unions—The welcoming environment supplied by a professional office cleaning company helps to promote comfort and confidence.

Anyone in New Orleans, LA, who requires a commercial cleaner who can be counted on to not only provide a fully sanitary and welcoming environment but to keep the facility and all its occupants and users safe and secure as well is invited to get in touch with Sparkling Touch Louisiana- Cleaning Service for an estimate today.